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November 27 2017



You have perfected your CV, submitted a flawless application, and survived a job interview. You did everything you could. What to do now ? Many candidates simply wait for the company to contact them again, believing that nothing more can increase their chances of landing the job. However, follow-up after a job interview is an important element that will allow you to stand out from other candidates.

The moments following the job interview are crucial, a balance must be struck between persistence and harassment.  Staying professional, stubborn and enthusiastic, take the lead because, finely articulated, a good recovery can weigh in the balance.

Here are our 4 tips to adopt after a job interview:

  • Send a thank-you e-mail

Send an e-mail to thank your interlocutor for your time.  This message is a great way to re-show your interest and keep your application in mind.

If several people were present during the interview, send the message to each of them, it shows that you are attentive and that you understand the importance of keeping in touch with all the stakeholders.

Try to send this message as soon as possible after your interview, within 24 hours if possible. 

Learn about the rest of the process

With this information, you have a waiting period to avoid annoying the employer.  If the period of time that the company has given as a basis for decision making is outdated, it is quite appropriate to send an e-mail or call to inquire about the status of the position.

"A revival after an outdated deadline is a way to show your motivation and renew your interest in the job," explains Alain Mlanao, Managing Director of Walters People France.

"Do not forget to thank your interviewer for receiving you and show that you are ready to provide any additional information you may need to reach a decision."

Send a connection request on LinkedIn

Every professional interaction is an opportunity to expand your network, job interviews are no exception.  During the interview, find an excuse to ask your contact to be in touch with him on LinkedIn (mention an interesting article, for example).  In addition to showing that you understand the importance of the professional network, you get a new contact, which, even if you do not pick up the position, may be useful in the future.

"Always ask your contact person if you can send them a connection request on LinkedIn.  Although most people are not disturbed by spontaneous demand, it is always better to be cautious and conscientious, "says Alain Mlanao.

Take contact regularly if the process is lagging behind

In some cases, recruitment procedures may be put on hold for budgetary reasons or because of internal restructuring.  In this case, it is sometimes tempting for some candidates to simply abandon the process.  But if you think you have found the perfect job for you, do not give up!

Bombarding the company with e-mails and phone calls to inquire about any changes to the job is not a good idea and can really hurt your chances.  However, it is important to continue to build rapport with your contact.

"Think back to the conversation you had with your interviewer - did he give you any advice or give you any of these interests?  Adds Özlem Simsek.

"Exchanging relevant content and articles once a month or more is a great way to keep in touch with the business and can increase your chances if new opportunities emerge." 

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